How to Spend 48 Hours in New Orleans

New Orleans is a popular destination in the United States. Although the closest New Orleans beach is an hour away, this historic city has a lot to offer. New Orleans is famous for its hospitality, numerous restaurants, a growing music scene, and a penchant for alcohol.

While 48 hours is not enough in this charming city, there are a number of sites and activities to see and do during this time that will undoubtedly show why New Orleans is the best city. New Orleans has a mild climate, with hot summers and mild winters, but the best time to go is in the fall or spring.

New Orleans
New Orleans

New Orleans
The bar offers a wide range of beers, cocktails and a wine bar with attentive staff offering wine recommendations. After collecting a bottle, order a plate of cheese and cold cuts and make your way to the terrace. With live jazz, delicious food, and smooth drinks, Bacchanal truly is a relaxed place to enjoy your first night in New Orleans.

Although New Orleans is located on the Gulf of Mexico, it is also part of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, this city bears the proud title of Lord of the Ocean, on a par with other major cities in America.

If you’re trying to maximize your long weekend, coming to New Orleans on Friday is your best option. This way you will have all Saturday and Sunday to explore this magical city. You will likely arrive at New Orleans Airport, Louis Armstrong Airport (code MSY) at night. We recommend that you stay at any hotel located in the New Orleans Central Business District.


A relaxed place to open your long weekend in New Orleans is Bacchanal Wine and Spirits in Bywater. With a beautiful tree-covered outdoor patio with heaters if it’s cold out and live music every night of the week, this place is one of the best places to spend your first night in New Orleans.

Day 1

New Orleans Street


Start your 48-hour New Orleans experience with breakfast at Café du Monde, a cafe renowned for its latte and donuts. It’s open 24/7, but it can get crowded, especially if you’re buying take out. But don’t let the long lines scare you; We promise the donuts are worth it.

After your sumptuous breakfast, begin exploring the iconic French Quarter, Old Town New Orleans. The entire shift is 0.5 square mile and can be done easily in just a few hours. If you are more homeless, you can walk around the neighborhood on your own. But if you want to learn more about the culture, history, and stories of NOLA’s colorful architecture and New Orleans history, we recommend you take a French Quarter walking tour.

If you’re visiting the neighborhood on your own, start at Jackson Square across from Café du Monde. There you’ll find St. Louis Cathedral, a New Orleans landmark, and other attractive attractions. Stroll the square and interact with vendors selling artwork (you can buy one or two), let a tarot reader and medium read, or watch street performers.

Stroll along Chartres Street admiring the beautiful architecture of New Orleans and peruse the galleries and antique shops of Royal Street.


After spending all morning exploring Barrio, we know you must be tired and hungry. Then, head to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and dine at one of the neighborhood’s many restaurants. With a full stomach, you can now begin your New Orleans cocktail tour.

New Orleans is famous for its cocktails and specializes in some such as Hurricane, Vieux Carré, Mint Jelup, Milk Punch, and New Orleans’ favorite cocktail, Sazerac. There are many amazing bars to enjoy these cocktails and more on Bourbon Street.

You can explore the different bars in the area, and since New Orleans has an open container law, you can have a cocktail while exploring. You can catch an evening show in the famous Preservation Hall, where different jazz groups play 45-minute performances before going out to dinner.

French Quarters, New Orleans


New Orleans cuisine is one of the most diverse in the country, so there are a number of delicious dishes to choose from. Stroll through the Central Business District, home to many of New Orleans’ best restaurants. If you want to try New Orleans seafood, Peche is the place to go, but if you fancy meat with a Cajun twist, Cochon is the best option. Maypop is New Orleans’ newest restaurant and is famous for its modern dishes that combine Louisiana and Asian cuisine.

After a delicious dinner in New Orleans, it’s time to cut the calories. Take a haunted walking tour and learn about New Orleans voodoo and the hidden traditions and ghost stories that date back to the founding of this historic city. Most tours start in the French Quarter and end in the city’s cemeteries, so wear comfortable shoes.


Forget the scary ghost stories and get in the mood for the party. Frenchmen Street is one of New Orleans’ favorite places, offering several concert halls, where you can enjoy the best of blues and jazz. If you are lucky you can find places to dance the swing.

The bars are also easy to follow, as most of them charge a little extra of $ 5 or less and are open late. We recommend that you visit Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro and Spotted Cat, but feel free to explore other French bars. They are all excellent.

Day Two in New Orleans


On day two, venture into the Garden District using the iconic St. Charles Avenue Streetcar and enjoy the stunning tree-lined avenue dotted with impressive New Orleans mansions. We recommend that you make a reservation at Commander’s Palace, a visiting destination for Creole haute cuisine and whimsical Louisiana charm. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast while listening to New Orleans news and researching upcoming New Orleans events.

Step out of your breakfast and make your way to Magazine Street, which has many interesting establishments. We believe the most effective way to explore this scenic part of New Orleans is by bike. There are several places where you can rent a bike and you’re good to go. Magazine Street is packed with boutiques, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, so if anything catches your eye, stop by.

You can’t leave New Orleans without a po’boy, so head to bustling Tracey’s restaurant or cozy Parasol’s on Magazine Street. Their roast beef po’boys are hearty, delicious, and inexpensive.

Southern States,New Orleans


Relaxing in the natural surroundings of New Orleans‘ Audubon Park is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. This vast park is home to several birds, canals, a golf course, century-old oak trees, an aquarium, an insectarium and the Audubon New Orleans Zoo. The park has a beautiful paved circuit, so you can continue to cycle while exploring. You might want to have a little picnic with the help of New Orleans’ many take out restaurants. When you’re done exploring, find a comfortable spot and enjoy your picnic.


For a relaxed evening, take a stroll through the Riverbend district and purchase a travel daiquiri from Original Daiquiris, a local travel daiquiri. You can dine at one of the many restaurants on Maple Street, but we recommend Jacques-Imo’s on Carrollton Avenue, which serves some of the tastiest and most authentic Cajun fare in New Orleans.


After dinner, have a drink at the popular Maple Leaf Bar, next to Jacques-Imo. The bar has a party atmosphere and usually features local New Orleans artists and attracts a mix of young professionals and tourists. It’s also popular with college students, so you’ll find places to eat late at night.

New Orleans

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Summary :

Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still recovering. But the city and the locals are stubborn and have made significant strides in rebuilding the city. New Orleans is now a bustling city with many interesting places, bars, restaurants, and attractions like Mardi Gras, which put New Orleans on the map. This New Orleans event is not on our to-do list as it is seasonal and takes place for a few weeks in January and February. You can keep an eye on the parade schedule and plan your vacation to coincide with it. Have we left out some of your favorite things to do in New Orleans? Let us know in the comments.

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