12 Reasons Why You Should Use A Disney Travel Agent

When it comes to Disney travel, there are many reasons why you should use Disney Travel! Did you know they are free?

In exchange for this article, I got a discount on my last Disney vacation. But all such opinions and information are my own. And based on my own personal experience.

What is a Disney Travel Agent?

The Disney Travel Agent is your own personal planning guide to help you determine what to expect from your Disney vacation. They provide personal and personal service that cannot be found in any group, chat line or even online forum! It’s definitely the best. And I would never plan another trip to Disney without the help of our wonderful Disney travel agent, Jane.

Below we will summarize some good reasons. Why use a Disney travel agency?

1. Disney Travel Agents are free!

Yes! His plan won’t cost you more if you use it. No hiding it’s free why not use the service? Finding a good Disney travel agency is very important. May I recommend Jen and I to travel with mice? He is the best person you have ever worked with!

It’s like buying a home with a real estate agent. It costs nothing, and they make money from the company that sells the home, but it makes the process easier for you.

2. You’re already paying for one anyway

Yes. Every time you book a Disney vacation package. Disney travel agency fees are included in the lodging fee.

3. They save you money

They know exactly when all sales happen. When to Look for Deals How to Get the Best Value So they know how to get you the best Disney vacation for the least amount of money.

Our beloved travel agency Jen always tells me how our vacation package prices compare to new promotions, and I don’t always ask how much our vacation packages cost. She made sure it didn’t save me any money. no i know there are new promotions.

4. They save you time

Besides money Disney Travel can also save you time. so. a lot of. time! I can’t tell you how amazing it was to have her in charge of the message behind our trip. As I count down to the happy days with my kids! This is a very valuable service.

5. They keep you on track

12 Reasons Why You Should Use A Disney Travel Agent

We travel a lot so it’s hard to stick to the schedule. And for Disney, there can be a lot of planning! FastPass+ restaurant reservations are available for reservations. Special events requiring reservations and more!

Jane always tells me when our restaurant starts taking reservations. Can arrange our FastPass+, when to pay, etc, knowing she’s processing it. Really helpful so I don’t have to.

6. They book your dining reservations

All I had to do was tell her which restaurant we wanted to go to, what day it was and she would do the rest. I don’t have to search for a place to open, and I don’t have to pray that there will be space in the restaurant where the kids are super excited.

She didn’t just book for us. But she got all the restaurants we wanted to eat. I was late to give her my list. She was able to make our reservation!

7. They book FastPasses+

Yes! All she has to do is provide Disney Travel with a FastPass+ listing. She kept everything for me. We got everything we needed and more! I don’t have to wake up at 6am the day I can book FastPass+, you can!

8. They can give you recommendations

A good Disney travel agent can advise you on what to use FastPass+ and what not to use. They can advise on what to eat and where. They can advise based on the number of people in the group and more!

9. They have insider information

Disney Travel knows these parks and resorts very well. They know how to go faster. What is the waiting time? The best time of year is when the promotions are over. When is it expected to sell? How to get the most out of your FastPass+ options, restore points and more.

All the information on the web can be overwhelming. Our Disney travel agent speaks in plain language and answers any questions. He smiles no matter how stupid.

10. They reduce stress

Our recent Disney vacation booking was the easiest I’ve ever made. I’m always stressed about FastPass+ and the resort’s correct reservations and dinner details etc. Not this time. I’m so stressed out that I’m starting to wonder if I should be a little stressed because it’s so unnatural haha!

All went well and it was the best Disney tour ever. Having an entire house to pack and plan while you’re away can be stressful enough. Let Disney Travel handle it!

11. They know all the answers (or can find them)

I ask a lot of questions because I like to prepare. You can’t learn if you don’t ask questions. Disney Travel answered all questions calmly. He answered everyone clearly and made sure I understood.

If you don’t know the answer to what you want she’ll look into it and call me. It saves you the time and effort of searching the internet or making phone calls and hoping to get the right information.

12. They make it fun!

Our beloved Disney travel agency sent our family this wonderful gift pack to help us count our Disney vacations! It’s full of ways to make my girls happy. It just keeps Disney fun and not nervous.

She also made this lovely brochure and sent it to us along with all our holiday info. The personal attention makes every use of Disney Travel worthwhile. I wouldn’t book another trip without anyone. I am grateful to have

If you’re considering booking a Disney vacation. You should really text Jen, me and Travel Mouse! You won’t find a better Disney tour or a cuter tour. I am very grateful that our paths have crossed. I can’t imagine planning my next trip without her!

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