9 Best Inflatable Water Slides: Deals and Prices for 2023

Inflatable water slides have become incredibly popular, which is hardly surprising given that we are currently staying at home most of the time. As summer approaches, your kids are sure to be eager to leave the house and have some fun!

I think it can be a wonderful gift for your little ones and they will remember the outdoor home parties for many years to come!

Speaking of gifts: buying an inflatable slide is a much easier, affordable, and smart alternative than building a permanent one! So if you are looking for the best inflatable slide then read on, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn how to choose inflatable slides for children of all ages (including the older ones, yourself). While these slides are very popular now, they come in all sizes and prices, so I understand it can be difficult to choose.

1. Wow Super Sport Slide

Wow Sports Garden Water Slide helps you organize fun games in your backyard that can easily compete with the best water parks!

The slide is 25 feet long and 6 feet wide, making it ideal for children. Put it in your yard or garden and let your kids relax in the hot summer.

The blade has a spray pattern with a zigzag spray pattern that runs the length of the blade to ensure complete and excellent water coverage. This allows your child to glide smoothly and enjoy the ride. In addition, the slide easily connects to the water hose and has two mega-sleds which lessen the impact on the ground during use and provide a slippery ride. The extra thick and strong zipper is more durable than most of the other options available.

best inflatable water slide
best inflatable water slide

2. My First Inflatable Water Slide

This simple inflatable slide from Sportspower differs from the crowd because of its quality and affordability. The inflatable slide is made of durable polyester and has a PVC coating which makes it even stronger and more durable.

Measures 186 “long, 80.4” wide and 84 “high. With an assembly time of approximately 5 minutes, this slide is the perfect size for medium to large yards! 3 to 8 years old and can easily balance £ 250. This means that a maximum of three children can play on the slide at a time.

To get to the fun part, it has a water cannon attached so kids can aim and aim at friends who slide down. The slide ends with a water pool to ensure a smooth landing and a nice splash that your child will love!

As the safety of your child is the first priority for you and Sportspower, the slide meets ASTM safety standards and also has an anchor kit for proper stability.

best inflatable water slide
best inflatable water slide

3. Bounceland Jumps and Splash Bouncer Adventure House

With a nice combination of jumps and splashes, Bounceland presents this beautiful and energetic fantasy play for children, which is about spending unlimited time playing with water.

The bounce house has a 4’x4.25 ‘jumping area with a 6.5’x4.8’ pool area and a 6.5 ‘slide. This makes it a fantastic option for parents looking for a waterslide for children aged 2-10. A maximum of 3 children can be on the slide at the same time.

High handrails, large support columns and a sturdy mesh box ensure child safety and provide a stable base. It also has an additional velcro surface for the zipper which provides a smoother ride compared to other zippers available.

It also has an inflatable basketball hoop for you to have fun in the dry and then let you relax under the cooling sprinklers.

PS It also comes with a very useful carrying case for storage.

best inflatable water slide
best inflatable water slide

4. Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit Inflatable water park

Bestway offers a complete package for your children that will help make this summer truly unforgettable. The layout of the entire building ensures that it includes everything and even a few “extras”! The slide comes with a water park recreation center which is perfect for an “extra” fun birthday party or “extra” entertainment in your backyard. It has two slides to provide a kid-friendly running competition.

Plus it has a cascading tunnel for kids to cool off from the sun, I mean, how amazing is that?

The play center also has a built-in water jet for added fun in the middle of the play area. When they are tired of playing, children can have an area to relax or have a swim in the adjoining large children’s pool.

PRO TIP: If the slide above is sold out, check out the Pirate Bay Water Park and Inflatable Jump in the Blast Zone, it’s an amazing alternative!

best inflatable water slides
best inflatable water slides

5. Intex inflatable water slide

Intex presents you with a new option that is not entirely a slide, but meets your purpose. The Intex water slide is a kind of inflatable sleeping bag that you can turn into a slide whenever you want. This slide is attached to the pool and helps you turn it into a water park recreation area. It has built-in sprinklers to allow a smooth, slippery glide of the belt. Just inflate, connect to the garden hose, and let your kids glide through the water for endless summer fun!

It can only be used if you have a swimming pool.

The slide has several chambers that ensure stability and allow children to climb to slide with ease. Handles and steps to climb should support the child in his movements, so that he does not slip. The slide also features some fun wave graphics to give you a full water park feel. Ideal for children over 2 years old.

The package also includes a repair patch. With a 10’11 “W x 6’9” W x 3’10 “H inflatable slide, get ready to go swimming all summer!

best inflatable water slides
best inflatable water slides

6. The Banzai Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide

If your kids miss the turns, curves and side drops of the water park, Banzai presents a great option as a solution. The Banzai Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Slide is the perfect choice for the backyard fun that your kids have been craving for so long. With an extremely steep curve glide ramp and tunnel ramp, your kids will be more than happy with the experience you provide.

It measures 15 ‘long x 16’10 “wide x 10’5” high, so it is quite large, make sure you have enough space for this slide.

It is made of a tough and sturdy technology which makes it tough enough to outlast your various gaming sessions. It is durable, safe and strong enough to invest money. Worried about assembly? Unroll, inflate, add water and you’re done!

PROFESSIONAL TIP: If it’s not available right now, take a look at the Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide, it’s slightly smaller, but it’s also one of the best products on the market with similar features.

best inflatable water slides
best inflatable water slides

7. Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide down the race

Banzai helps you do that with your triple waterslide. Let your kids have fun and teach them to test their speed so they can challenge themselves to slide in the race. The package includes three running tracks, each ending with a children’s pool. The three ways have water spray pads so that children can feel the cold while running and not feel tired for a long time.

The three running tracks are 5 meters long, enough to satisfy your children. Just to mention, this is one of the top rated inflatable slides available in the Amazon.

The only downside is that the slide is not slippery enough for smooth rides. Therefore, adding soapy water is a good strategy! Also, don’t forget that the slide is perfect for children aged 5 to 12.

best inflatable water slides
best inflatable water slides

8. Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide

Deluxe inflatable slide park is the last thing you need to keep your kids entertained and refreshed during the summer!

Made of high quality synthetic nylon fabric, this water slide is extremely durable and puncture resistant. It has reinforced seams which ensure resistance and prevent it from breaking when the child jumps or slides on it.

You don’t need any special technology to install the slide, because the built-in air pump does all the work for you. In minutes, the electric blower does its job and lets kids have fun right away.

The slide pack has a total of three fun sliders. It has two slides, each ending with a swimming pool for a soft landing, as well as a climbing wall and a blower.

Make sure you have enough space in your yard, as it is very large – 157.2 x 134.4 x 94.8 inches.

PRO TIP: If that’s not available I also recommend taking a look at the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide, it has very similar properties and a great rating.

best inflatable water slides
best inflatable water slides

9. Banzai Plummet Falls Adventure Slide Inflatable Water Park

Finally, the item on our list, Banzai Inflatable Water Park, has a huge collection, ranging from simple slides like runners to adventures like falls.

It features a huge waterslide, side climbing area, large kids’ pool, and a trash can for kids to play. In different areas of the posts and pillars of the package you will find water sprinklers that help the slide to become slippery. The end of the slide has a round head at the top which allows a continuous flow of water.

When tired of climbing and sliding, children can simply play and dive in the pool area, large enough to accommodate 5-6 children at the same time. The powerful motor does the work for you and inflates the backpack in a fun world for kids.

best inflatable water slides
best inflatable water slides


If you want to turn your backyard into a water park to win this year’s summer, an inflatable slide is definitely a great option that your kids will remember for a long time!

And if you want to remove the part you have chosen, I recommend that you choose one of the options given above – they are all very easy to handle, have excellent ratings and are approved for safety.

Hope I helped you with your search and found an inflatable slide that meets your needs and is within your budget. Don’t forget to let me know if you need more information!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links on this page, and at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission for a sale generated through the website. We just suggest the things we really use ourselves and never accept useless sponsored crap. Thank you so much for supporting.

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