Best Place to Stay in Zanzibar Island Tanzania

Where is the best place to stay in zanzibar :

Going to Zanzibar? Well done, Zanzibar is the ideal mix of beach and culture! If you love the beach but get exhausted without any problem, this could be the wonderful destination for you! Now that you have chosen to go to this wonderful island, y­ou should need of proposals for great Zanzibar hotels – and you are in the correct place!

Zanzibar is an African island off the shoreline of Tanzania. It’s a small island and has about 1.3 million people living there.

With loads of activities to do swimming, surfing, and kite surfing, as well as the find opportunity learn about the culture and history, this isn’t only a beach vacation (if it’s not too much trouble, check my detailed post on Amazing Things on Do in Zanzibar here). I’ll disclose to you about the best Zanzibar hotels in different areas on the island!

In case you’re now planning an trip to Zanzibar Island or need an great island vacation, there’s a great deal you’ll have to think about this beautiful destination! There are different location of Zanzibar, each with its own vibe and vibe.

Stay tuned as here in this post we will go through the best places to stay in Zanzibar with hotel suggestions for every one of them (I additionally separated them into different price classifications for your benefit)!

Best Hotels

Here are the best hotels on Nungwi sea shore (the best beach on the island as I would see it) that I have hand-picked for you – every one of them have amazing reviews:

Luxury Budget– Zuri Zanzibar

Middle Bugget – Aluna Nungwi

Budget accommodation Budget – Green’s Nungwi

Things to Know Before You Travel to Booking a Hotel Zanzibar, Africa

Do you definitely know when you will visit?

When arranging your trip, I suggest you consider the rainy season.

Dry season (June to October) – It’s great to visit Zanzibar in these months, when it’s cool and dry.

Hot season (December to February) – Another famous opportunity to visit is during the more blazing a long time of the year. I visited in January and, despite the fact that we a few cloudy days, the climate was very comfortable.

Long rainy season (March to May) – While it tends to be rainy during this season, you may also lucky and have no rain during your whole vacation!

Short rainy season (November) – In November it will in general rain every day, however only for a short while.

NOTE: Wondering when to go to Zanzibar for scuba jumping? It is great to go from June to October on the North coast and among November and March on the South coast.

Zanzibar is an very interesting island with regards to terms of accommodation choices. Why? There are truly solid tides on the island and the sea view room might disappear for hours! That is the reason I separate my recommendations by areas.

IMPORTANT: More about the tides – the tide goes out to a coral reef that is 1 to 1.5 km seaward. The north coast is well known on the grounds that you can generally swim there, even at low tide. During elevated tide on the west coast, the beach completely vanishes as the water comes as far as possible up to the rocky cliffs.

The most ideal approach to know when high tide and low tide are is to check the Tide Forecast. It changes everyday so you can check out predictions for when you’re planning to visit.

What part of Zanzibar is best to stay?

Presently we should see the total complete list of Zanzibar hotels that I can suggest:

1. Kendwa and Nungwi beaches

The North coast is famous in because it’s least affected by the tides. There are two famous Zanzibar beaches in the north, Nungwi and Kendwa.

Nungwi is known for its plunging, while Kendwa has more nightlife to benifits. In the north, you can also visit Mnemba Island, simply a kilometer off the shore. This has great snorkelling and swimming spots and is also a home to green turtles!

Here is my menu of hand-picked hotels in North Zanzibar, all arranged by cost and category it’s simple for you to find what you need:

Stay in Zanzibar
where is the best place to stay in zanzibar

Luxury Stay

  • Riu Palace Zanzibar has a private beach, a spa, and a plunge community. It genuinely offers an luxury, comprehensive Zanzibar experience!

  • Zuri Zanzibar offers beachside bungalows in Kendwa for couples or for families in case you’re on a Zanzibar family holiday. At the point when you’re not on the beach, you can wander through the park or hang out by the pool. This is really one of the best Zanzibar luxury hotels!

  • Zanzibar Queen Hotel is is one of the great north east hotels. Situated in Matemwe, this hotel has diving facilities, a grill, water sports offices, and surprisingly a spa center! Mnemba Island is also only 6 km off the coast.

  • Hilton Hotel is a beautiful place for a escape. It has all that you could need, including a infinity pool and a spa. It also is known for its popular Hilton Hotel rooftop bar, which may be probably the best places on the island for drinks at sunset!


  • Nungwi House is a great spot in case you’re searching for open rooms and an extraordinary, free breakfast. It’s midway found and is a fast stroll from the beach. This an great choice among center evaluated Zanzibar hotels.

  • Natural Kendwa Villa has both a pool and a private beach region. I also suggest the restaurant, which offers a delicious buffet each day. This hotel is additionally viewed as one the best 4 star hotels in Zanzibar!

  • Aluna Beach Lodge is a couple of steps from the beach; it has a pool, nursery, restaurant, and bar. You’ll never a want to leave the property! If you do want to leave however, the Lodge is directly close to a sea preservation focus where you can get familiar with about the turtles.

  • Warere Beach is directly off the beach and a portion of it has incorporate a pool with a bar. What more could you request? The hotel also has great views from the pool deck!

Budget Stay

  • Green’s Guest House Nungwi is only 300 meters from Nungwi beach. With a park and terrace, just as free Wi-Fi, you’ll have a lot to do following a long day on the beach.

  • Makofi Guest House is another alternative in Nungwi. You can either choose a cheaper, hostel experience in a mixed dorm room or select a private room only for yourself. The patio also gets busy at night time in case you’re hoping to meet different travelers!

  • Kidoti Wild Garden is awesome in case you’re searching for some relaxation. Situated around 6 km outside of Nungwi, this eco-friendly hotel is based solar. I suggest it in case you’re searching for a calm departure.

  • Papaya Guest House is an incredible option in Nungwi. It has a bar and a café, so you don’t need to go far for great food and beverages! It also has a garden and each room leads out onto a deck.

2. The Best Hotels in Stone Town

If you’re searching for some culture and history, Stone Town is requirement spot!

It almost like feels stepping into a time machine, with an variety of old colonial buildings covering the streets. You’ll make certain to lose all sense of direction in the maze of narrow streets, yet that is a large portion of the good times! It’s also the best spot to attempt the cuisine and find out about the history of the island. If you haven’t yet, try to look at my post on Things to do in Zanzibar, where I give tons of tips on what to find in Stone Town.

Proceeding onward, here are some incredible Stone Town Zanzibar hotels with fabulous reviews and facilities:

stay in zanzibar
where is the best place to stay in zanzibar

Luxury Stay

  • Antonio Garden Hotel has a garden, a pool, and an restaurant. It’s situated within walking distance distance from most of the attractions in Stone Town and offers a mainland breakfast before you set out for the afternoon!

  • Kisiwa House is one of the most oldest structure in the city, but features a modern design. This boutique hotel offers all the familiar luxuries you’ll have to make you feel home.

  • Zanzi Resort is one of a few Zanzibar resorts close to Stone Town. At 15 km outside of the city, this is one of the best hotels in Zanzibar in of its beachside bungalows. You can get a back massage right on the beach or a have a good time with a free bike out!

  • Park Hyatt Zanzibar has nearly all that you could want. Directly on the beach, this hotel also has a pool, spa, fitness center, and restaurant. their tour desk can arrange of variety of tours and trips for you!


  • Mizingani Seafront Hotel is directly by the ship terminal, so you will not get lost attempting to discover your way there! It is decorated in conventional Zanzibar style for a authentic stay! Gracious, and make certain to request a room with an sea view!

  • Zanzibar Coffee House will cause you to feel like you went back on time. The rooms all have antique subtleties without forfeiting any modern comforts.

  • Mangrove Lodge is an eco-friendly spot for an famous vacation. In the event that you need to be near the attractions of Stone Town, yet additionally need a private beach escape, this is the spot for you! It has a bar, a café, and a lounge with heaps of loungers for having a sluggish day on the sea shore.

  • Kholle House was built for a princess – truly, it was! Built in 1860 for Princess Kholle, the hotel has a housetop terrace, a pool, and a teahouse! What more could you request?

Budget Stay

  • Zenji Hotel is a great option for a traveler on a budget plan. Each room has it’s own cooling and balcony. There’s additionally a restaurant on location and, during your visit, you can enjoy the housetop deck!

  • Ten to Ten Stone Town Zanzibar is directly on the beach and also a short distance from lots of attractions, like the Old Fort of Zanzibar. It also offers a free city visit each day!

  • Balcony House offers shared balconies from each room just as mosquito nets. There’s also free Wi-Fi and whatever else you may require for a wonderful stay!

  • Lost and Found Zanzibar is ideal for backpackers!. It has common areas to get to know different travelers. It additionally has privacy curtains on each bed and AC.

Which part of Zanzibar has the best beaches?

The East Coast highlights what a some people consider to be the best beaches in Zanzibar and it is the area I decided to stay in too! Ordinarily somewhat less touristy than the North coast, the East Coast has wonderful, unspoiled beaches like Pingwe, Paje, and Jambiani. I personally stayed somewhere close to Paje and Jambiani; read more about my experience beneath.

These white sand beaches have water that surfaces right to the palm trees along the shore during hide tide.

NOTE: Keep in mind you can’t swim at low tide, however you can in still enjoy walks along the beach.

In case you’re searching for places to stay during your east coast holidays, you’ve gone to the correct spot for information! I’ve tracked down some great hotels along the east coast for you to choose.

Luxury Stay

  • Kiwengwa Beach Resort genuinely has all that you could need. It has a perfect beach, pools, a spa, tennis courts, and an amusement zone for kids. They are also ready to help you book any exercises you might want to attempt. A total 5-star experience!

  • Baladin Zanzibar Beach Hotel has bungalow style rooms that look onto an infinity pool and the sea. It’s hard to get sick of the views from the infinity pool at dusk. Certainly Instagram worthy!

  • Milele Beach Resort, situated in Pingwe, is a little window into paradise. It’s a wonderful hotel with balconies that overlook the beachside pool. It additionally offers a full restaurant and the staff can arrange evening entertainment on if you’re traveling in a group.

  • Ananda Beach House is in Paje Zanzibar. You can get a home right on the beach and enjoy everything this hotel has to offer. You can get up each day to the sound of the ocean!


  • Nyumbani Residence – This is the hotel where I stayed and I truly enjoyed the most of my experience there! You can track down my full, genuine review with details below.

  • Kikoi Boutique Hotel has a private beach, pool, and garden, just as a bar and lounge. You can also exploit incredible climbing nearby or lease a bicycle and go for a ride!

  • Tsunami Village is the ideal spot in the event that you need some peace and quiet. You can come here enjoy the beach without worrying about crowds! The on location restaurant additionally includes a wide range of options!

  • Villa Huruma is an excellent villa steps from the beach in Paje. It additionally has a pool and offers a free breakfast.

  • Zanzistar Lodge is situated in the town of Jambiani. Full of bright colors and current style, the genuine star of this hotel is the restaurant.

Budget Stay

  • Sagando Bungalows is an ideal spot for a laid-back beach vacation. It’s beachside and highlights a tropical garden so you’ll be sure to make new friends around the nightly bonfire or while grabbing a drink at the bar!

  • Barabara House is an extraordinary find for a budget traveler. It’s near the beach and has lots of places to relax and enjoy the nature in Jambiani.

  • Jua Apartments in Kiwengwa are made for complete a relaxation! With an outside pool and found just steps from the beach, you can go from check-in to the beach in minutes!

  • Demani Lodge Zanzibar has a lovely garden and restaurant. A great spot for backpackers as there’s also a club right in the hotel!

Special Hotels in Zanzibar

If you want a really unique experience in Zanzibar, consider staying in a Zanzibar underwater hotel. The Manta Resort has a underwater room off the shore where the room is underwater. You may have known about “sleeping down with the fishes,” yet never like this!

The highest level of the room is a lounge area where you can lay out in the sun and relax. The main floor has a deck, open air room area, and a restroom, obviously. At that point, you head down a stepping stool and experience the magic of the sea. Windows in the underwater room let you see the ocean life around you. This is a one-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you alone inundated in the sea more than ever.

If you want to stay directly on the water, look at Dreamer’s Island. You can lease a houseboat directly off the coast of Stone Town and truly enjoy the sea. From the boat, you can fish or simply sunbathe on the deck. Imagine being the option to swim just external your front door!

Another wonderful idea is to stay on Mnemba Island, a little island situated around 3km off the coast of Zanzibar and probably the most close and secluded place you can stay in Tanzania. It is really a beach heaven and it is also perfect for people who are going to Tanzania for their vacation, however not just them! If you want to really feel like you are on your own private island paradise, I suggest staying at And Beyond Mnemba Island! There are just 12 rooms on the whole island and every one of them is similarly exquisite!

Another extraordinary hotel in Zanzibar is the Dhow Palace Hotel in Stone Town. This hotel is a changed over historical building that was built in 1559. The décor is in valid Zanzibar style. If you want to get the full Zanzibar experience, travel back on time in this boutique hotel! There’s also a pool, an restaurant, and a rooftop terrace.

Travel Insurance

The most important advice I can offer is to buy good travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you against illness, injury, theft and cancellations. This is full protection in the event of a problem. I never travel without it, as I have had to use it several times in the past. You can use the widget below to find the policy that’s right for you:

Summary :

In this article, I recommend the 3 best zone to stay on the island of Zanzibar and the best hotels for each of them. I’ve handpicked every hotel dependent on price and amenities so that no matter where you decide to stay, you can have the best experience!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links on this page, and at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission for a sale generated through the website. We just suggest the things we really use ourselves and never accept useless sponsored crap. Thank you so much for supporting.

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