How to find cheapest first class flights

How to find cheapest first class flights :

Because flights can cover most of your travel expenses. It’s just as important to find hidden cheap deals. with finding the right destination The right travel agent the right backpack or suitable accommodation because if the flight is too expensive you are not going anywhere And today I will help you find out how to find cheap flights. Here are the exact steps I am going through. If you follow them too You’ll never be the one on the flight who pays more for your ticket!

First of all, keep in mind that there are many reasons why flights are expensive. Bankruptcy means the airline is under pressure to make a profit. Can’t reduce the fare much. and limited competition makes them less likely to do so. So they flew the whole plane. A more complete plane also means less incentive to lower fares. And while the price of oil has dropped dramatically airlines does not reduce the fare because for the first time in a long time They are making money and don’t want to stop! (Plus: Why are your plane tickets so expensive?)

But that doesn’t mean the deck is totally against you. From cheap fares posted by mistake to regular deals and discounted prices to compete with other airlines. There are good rates if you know how to find them.

Here are my 13 tips for finding cheap flights easily. Based on more than ten years of travel and thousands of flights.

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13 steps to cheap flights

  • Ignore the myths
  • Flexibility with your travel dates
  • Flexible with your destination
  • Travel with low cost airlines
  • don’t always fly straight
  • Remember that not all search engines are created equal
  • Take advantage of student discounts
  • Sign up for loyalty programs and travel hacks
  • Join the mailing list
  • Search for individual ticket prices
  • Search in another currency
  • know its price
  • Book in advance (but not too early)

1. Ignore the myths

misbelief A lot about finding cheap flights. They will lead you astray The first thing you need to know to find cheap flights is that there are no magic formulas or secret ninja tricks. Let me say first: it’s not cheaper to buy a plane ticket on Tuesday. There is no evidence that anonymous browsing leads to cheaper deals. And there’s no evidence that anonymous browsing leads to cheaper deals. There is no exact date or time to book your plane ticket.

2. Flexibility with your travel dates

Airfare prices vary depending on the day of the week. time of year and upcoming holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, or the 4th of July. August is a great month to travel around Europe. And everyone wants to go somewhere warm in winter or travel when the kids not in school.

If you fly while others are flying You will have to pay higher fees. Try to be flexible with your date. If you intend to visit Paris Go to Paris in spring or fall. with fewer visits and lower airfares

In addition, midweek travel is always cheaper than weekends. Since most people travel on weekends and airlines will increase the price at this time Prices are also cheaper if you are traveling after major holidays.

Early or early flights are cheaper because few people want to travel at that time. (Who wants to get up early?) A day difference can save you hundreds of dollars.

That’s why this is my number one tip for finding cheap flights. You’ll save even more money if you travel without anyone flying. You may always want Paris in the summer. But everyone wants and the price of the airline accordingly.

They know that festivals, holidays, big sporting events, or semester breaks are coming. They weren’t stupid and raised their prices accordingly.

Flexible when you fly And you will start long before anyone else!

3. Flexible with your destination

If you can’t be flexible while flying At least it’s flexible with where you fly. It’s better to be both. But if you want to save more money on flights, at least you should do one!

The airline finder makes it easy to find the cheapest tickets worldwide – you no longer need to search manually. Kayak offers an “Explore” tool that lets you position yourself at your local airport and view a world map with all your flights. Google Flights also offers similar (and better) features if you’re flexible. About where you want to go (i.e. anywhere but your home), these are great tools to kickstart your planning, and therefore:

Step 1: Go to Google Flights and click on the map:
google cheap flights

Step 2: Enter your date and home airport and enjoy all your options!
Find cheap flights with Google Flights.

The truth about airfares is that there are always deals for destinations. And if you’re flexible about where to go You can find and use that offer.

When you’re stuck in one place You will be stuck no matter what. No voodoo can change that. But when you suddenly become flexible The whole world is open to you. And you’ll find incredibly cheap airfares!

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4. Travel with low-cost airlines

How to find cheapest first class flights
How to find cheapest first class flights

many years ago If you want to travel across continents You are often stuck with the same expensive airlines. This is no longer true. Low-cost airlines currently operate many long-haul routes. Making it possible to travel around the world on a budget Norwegian Airlines allows you to travel between Europe and Bangkok. For around $250 one-way, WOW air is launching low-cost flights to Iceland and Europe from the US for just $99. AirAsia is offering incredibly cheap deals to Asia and Australia for just $100. per trip You can find tickets from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur for $30 USD. Indian and Middle East airlines offer low-cost flights across the subcontinent and Africa. Travel almost anywhere in the world with low-cost airlines!

There are very few low-cost airlines in the United States. But in Europe and Asia there is more and competition keeps prices low. These low-cost airlines often offer free tickets – you pay only taxes.

Flying with a low-cost airline is a good alternative to “mainstream” flights whenever possible. you get less profit But you can save a lot of price.

Just make sure you pay attention to the cost. This is how they make money. So if you don’t follow their rules They will charge you a huge fee! Low-cost airlines will charge you for checked baggage. carry-on baggage Printing boarding passes, credit cards, and everything they can do. Be sure to add the cost of tickets and fares to ensure they are lower than the major airlines.

Whenever I’m not flying on a long night flight I will fly with most of these airlines. The best budget airlines include Southwest, Spirit, Ryanair, WOW, Norwegian, Tiger Airways, flyDubai and AirAsia.

(Pro tip: If you’re not a junkie like me and know where the budget airlines fly, (Go to the website of the destination airport for a list of airlines flying there.)

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5. Don’t always fly straight.

It not only allows flexibility with dates and destinations. But it also allows flexibility with the route you take. Sometimes it is cheaper to fly to Amsterdam with a low-cost airline to London than to fly directly to Amsterdam. There are so many low-cost airlines in the world that grabbing a good deal to another city and catching a cheap flight to your destination can sometimes be the best bet. I have to go to Paris once. Flights cost $900, but you can get to Dublin for $600 and take $60 to Paris. It means more flight time, but the $240 I saved was great value.

in doing this I figured out how much it would cost to go directly to a destination. Next, I opened up Google Flights and typed in that destination’s continent to see prices for nearby airports. If the difference exceeds $150, I will see how much I need to pay from the second airport to my main destination.

by working with various airlines and special offers You can save a lot, however, this method is not for everyone. It works better because you have to find different routes. Many and check the various airlines. But it will save you flight costs. allowing you to spend more at the destination

6. Remember that not all search engines are created equal.

You should research as many flight search websites as you can to make sure you don’t overlook anything. Many search engines do not list low-cost airlines. Because these airlines do not want to pay booking fees. While some programs do not include non-English speaking booking site.

You should check some websites before booking. Because you can often see price changes and don’t want to miss any offers. The best search engines are those that are not affiliated with any airline and make money from advertising, not bookings. But all websites have weaknesses and not all airlines. That being said, you won’t find AirAsia, Ryanair, or any other low-cost carrier. On major sites such as Offingo, Expedia or Orbitz, the US booking site. Vague international airlines often don’t post on international sites like Skyscanner or Momondo. Booking sites have a blind spot: they don’t cover every region of the world or every airline is the same.

Remember – there is no perfect airline search engine. Even the best have their drawbacks. My favorite:

  • Momondo
  • Google Flights (the best place to search in multiple cities too)
  • ITA Matrix
  • Skyscanner
  • kayak
  • Kiwi

I started all my research with Momondo because it searches all the major low cost airlines E non-English sites. English sites and everything. I’ve been using them since 2008 and they scrutinize every site they link to. Because there are strict criteria about who they do business with, Momondo is one of the most comprehensive booking sites out there. By offering the lowest price 99% of the time. And it’s a search engine used by every travel expert I know. While others are good and should not be overlooked, Momondo should be your starting point!

7. Take advantage of student discounts

If you are a student (or under the age of 26) there are many discounts for you. There are many discount codes available for students and travel agencies such as STA Travel or Flight Center can help you find cheap tickets.

8. Sign up for loyalty programs and travel hacks.

Airline rewards programs are a great way to earn free flights, free upgrades, and free joint tickets. No matter how often you fly You must be enrolled in an airline rewards program. I’m with an airline in the US. Because they are affiliated with major partners. And you can earn miles on their partner flights, for example if I fly with Singapore Airlines. I can earn miles with United Airlines because they are partners. in the same way If I travel with Air France, the amount is credited to my Delta Rewards account, so I always earn miles when I fly. Just use your local airline associated with these partners.

Plus, by accumulating points and miles (the art of “travel hacking”), you can travel the world a little. (And often for free), these programs are easy to use. And there are several ways to earn miles if you don’t travel around the world all the time:

Watch out for special offers – I signed up for the company’s newsletter as there are often offers that cannot be found on the airline’s website. It could be three miles on select routes or as simple as Starwood’s latest promotion – I signed up for the newsletter and earned 250 SPG (Starwood’s Preferred Guest) points. American Airlines scored 1,000 points for installing the web shopping toolbar. browser These bonuses are less than ten thousand. But you can get something for a long time without doing anything. they increase

Get a Travel Rewards credit card – When you earn a Travel Rewards credit card (such as an airline branded card or a regular points card like the Chase Sapphire), you’ll earn miles and perks like free baggage check-in and early boarding. These also come with many signup bonuses. (Whether you are American or live in another country It’s all there!), which is often the equivalent of a free round-trip flight!

Use the airline shopping portal
– All airlines, hotels and travel brands have preferred merchants. These businesses range from clothing retailers to sporting goods stores. office supply company and everything in between Cooperate with specialized department stores When you order online from the airline’s website You get more points. For example, I signed up for Netflix through the American Airlines website because it gave me 5,000 extra miles. I went to Target through Chase online shopping mall and got three points for every purchase. dollars spent I bought my apartment online with K-Mart through the American Airlines portal and earned 9 miles for every dollars spent Instead of what I get if I walk into the store, you can use Evreward or Cash Back Monitor to find the best current deals on programs. Just type the store or product you want. Then the system will collect bonus items at different points program. offer now so you can maximize your shopping program (outside the US Canada has two shopping portals: and the Aeroplan online store. There is also a shopping portal in the British Airways online store.)

Meal Rewards Programs
– Airlines also offer meal rewards programs as well as shopping portals. You register with your frequent flyer membership number. credit card registration And earn extra points when you dine at participating airlines’ network restaurants. (which rotates throughout the year) Join one of the Rewards Network (all meals program) to earn 5 miles for every meal. Dollars spent after becoming This will happen after 12 dinners, so if you get 12 of them (actually) at the beginning of the year, the rest of the year. You get five points for every Dollars spent!
In Up in the Air, George Clooney’s character says, “I wouldn’t do anything if it didn’t benefit my mileage account.” I think so.

9. Join the mailing list

Nobody likes to mess up their inbox. But signing up for airline newsletters and search engines will help you stay updated on current specials or last-minute deals. In most cases, cheap flights are only available for 24 hours. only And if you don’t search the web all the time You’ll miss out on a lot of really cheap deals. I’d miss a return ticket to Japan for $700 (usually $1,500) if I wasn’t on the American Airlines mailing list. fly often And these offers also give me free business class tickets. These three sites are the best for staying on travel deals:

  • Airfarewatchdog
  • flight deals
  • christmas pirate

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10. Search for individual ticket prices.

Don’t buy or buy multiple tickets in one purchase. Airlines often show the highest ticket price among ticket groups. For example, if you have a family of four and are looking for four seats. The airline will search for four seats together and display your fare based on the highest ticket price. So, if Seat A costs $200, Seats B and C costs $300, and Seat D costs $400, the price of these tickets will be $400. per ticket instead of adding each ticket price So always search for items as a person. Later during the payment process You can choose a seat for you and your family to sit together.

11. Search in another currency

If your local currency is strong compared to the rest of the world, look for plane tickets to countries with weaker currencies. For example, the US dollar is strong and the New Zealand currency is weaker. I found a one way Australia-New York flight for $1000 but when I searched for the New Zealand Airline version. I found the same ticket for $600 on the same airline. same flight and the same reserve room It is reserved in another currency. This trick doesn’t always work. But use it often enough that it’s worth a try if your results work well.

(Tip: Always use a card with no foreign transaction fees to avoid paying extra.)

12. know its price

People tend to try to find the lowest prices online, wait too long (or book too early), and pay too much. We all know that airline prices are always going up and down, but in trying to keep that time a little longer. Most of us miss the lowest price. Therefore, it is important to know what you want to pay. Not what you expect to pay What is the lowest price for you? What are you comfortable paying with? Don’t wait for the perfect price. but wait for your price to be true too If the lowest available price is $1,000 for one flight But the average price is $1,500. Don’t try to expect $900, because it might not be that low. You will never have buyer’s remorse if you find a price that works for you. Two people on a flight do not pay the same price. So all you can do is hope for a price that you feel comfortable with.

13. Book in advance, but not too early.

Airline fares will continue to increase. But there is an interesting point when airlines begin to reduce or increase fares on demand. Don’t wait until the last second. But don’t book too much in advance. The best booking window is 6 to 8 weeks before flight departure. Or about three months in advance if you’re going to your destination in high season.


Finding cheap flights means being flexible and smart about where you’re going. time for you to go and how to travel Follow the instructions above. But don’t waste your time looking for cheap flights. If your flight booking is longer than an hour Show that you wasted a lot of time I never wondered about flights. You’ll go crazy if you do. Give it 30-40 minutes to find and book cheap flights for the price you pay and get on with your life.
If you follow the instructions above You’ll get good deals and avoid being the highest paying person for tickets.

Search Your Cheap Flights Today

I start all my searches with Skyscanner as they search all major and budget airlines, non-English websites, English websites and everything in between. Even if you are not sure of your plans, it is best to start searching for flights today. The people who wait to book are the people who spend the most.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links on this page, and at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission for a sale generated through the website. We just suggest the things we really use ourselves and never accept useless sponsored crap. Thank you so much for supporting.

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