Where to Stay in Manila: Your Guide to Accommodations

Where to Stay in Manila :

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a city of Xixi, famous for walking, entertainment, shopping and food. Metro Manila is made up of 16 most popular “cities”: Makati, Malate and Quezon City. Due to the size of the city, traffic jams and notorious traffic conditions, it is difficult to decide where to stay in Manila. But this is not impossible!

In addition, this world-class city is completely different, from the charm of Makati to the slums of Tondo, so choosing the right base will have a big impact on your journey.

As always, I chose the best accommodation for Manila, Philippines based on the quality of the hotel or other accommodation, proximity to attractions, safety and cost.

Before choosing an area or neighbourhood, remember that walking around Manila can be challenging. Therefore, please book in advance to ensure the best location and avoid long-distance travel, which will make your holiday even better.

1. Makati 

Where to Stay in Manila
Where to Stay in Manila

When deciding to stay in Manila, many first-time travelers choose Makati, the business district of the Philippines. The clean, safe and modern commercial development of Makati, such as the Ayala Center, is a gathering place for tourists from Manila to Malaysia for the first time. It is located at the western end of the city, so if you are susceptible to cultural influences, you will be more comfortable in Makati.

Just because it does not mean that there are not too many gathering places at night! Whether you like live music, dancing, bars or whatever, you will find many options to have fun after the sun goes down.

Travellers who spend the night in Manila should consider Makati because it is close to Bonifacio, global cities and international airports, while Intramuros, Ermita and other central areas are further away from the hotel.

Luxury Stay:

Fairmont Makati – This five-star luxury hotel is one of the best choices in Manila. The hotel’s gym, spa, international restaurant and outdoor swimming pool are just the beginning. However, there is also a pillow menu to ensure you get the best sleep during your stay.

Middle Budget:

Discovery Primea – Luxury hotel with the highest value rooftop swimming pool.

Budget Stay:

Lub D – Nice room with a bar, daily breakfast, and central location.

Makati Attractions:

  • Shop until you reach the Ayala Center in Manila.
  • Admire local history and art at the Ayala Museum
  • Visit the American Cemetery and Memorial in Manila
  • Find the best quality cocktails and wines in the bar, and the best quality cocktails and wines in Poblacion.
  • Visit Nossa Senhora das Graças Church
  • Visit Bonifacio Global City

2. Malate & Ermita

Where to Stay in Manila
Where to Stay in Manila

Malate and Ermita are vibrant destinations, full of attractions, specialty restaurants serving Filipino, Chinese and international cuisine, and the best shopping and nightlife in Manila.

You will see skyscrapers next to one-story buildings leading to Manila Bay and get a glimpse of local life. Taste Filipino cuisine and go on a breathtaking sunset cruise. At night, some streets have been completely transformed and become popular places for participants.

If you are going to a party, please go to the nearby red light district Calle Del Pilar. However, if you want a more relaxing holiday, make the most of Ermita’s vast parks and gardens.

Although some parts of the city are still relatively poor. But in recent years, malic acid and Ermita have become safer. Malate and Ermita have general security, excellent seaside promenades and opportunities for all kinds of tourists. They are the best places to stay in Manila.

Luxury Stay:

Rizal Park Hotel – This beautiful hotel overlooks the park of the same name and is adjacent to the promenade. In addition to the unbeatable location, you can also enjoy comfortable rooms and suites, breakfast and general services. The rooftop gym and the infinity pool overlooking the city are just other first-class facilities in the hotel.

Middle Budget:

Jen Manila – The bright and modern rooms feature a swimming pool and views of Manila Bay.

Budget Stay:

Bay Area Suites – Clean cheap rooms through concierge service.

Malate & Ermita Attractions:

  • Relax in Manila Ocean Park
  • Visit the Apple Church
  • Learn new knowledge at the National Museum of the Philippines
  • Explore the zoo and botanical garden
  • Picnic in Rizal Park
  • Visit the Japanese garden
  • Visit the National Museum of Natural History

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3. Quezon City

Where to Stay in Manila
Where to Stay in Manila

Quezon City (QC) is known as a luxurious, modern and pleasant dining place in Manila, and it is the most populous area in the Philippines. This small town in the northeast of the bay attracts young people who want to meet in trendy coffee shops and shop in the best boutiques and great places for backpackers.

Quezon City is not only rich in development, it is also home to the best universities in the country. But this is also where you can find some of the best street food in the country. Therefore, even if you are young (or have a heart), you can still use countless street vendors to provide amazing desserts at low prices. You can see much more in this former capital of the Philippines. If you are interested in eco-tourism, religious attractions, delicacies and special offers, you must stay here!

Note: Quezon City is about a 25-minute drive from Makati, so it is a bit farther from the airport than other parts of Manila.

Luxury Stay:

Novotel Marina Araneta – State-of-the-art open facilities, playgrounds, on-site restaurants and charming swimming pools are just the beginning of this impressive 4-star hotel. Whether you are spending a family vacation, business trip or leisure vacation in Manila, a variety of facilities can meet the needs of all visitors. Novotel Marina Hotel is a good choice.

Middle Budget:

Seda Vertis North – Gorgeous hotel with city views, outdoor swimming pool and grand ballroom.

Budget Stay:

OYO Spiral Suites – Clean, spacious room, good location and room service.

Quezon City Attractions:

  • Visit the Quezon Memorial Circle
  • Visit the Manuel Quezon Museum and Monument
  • Enjoy the interactive experience of Quezon City (QCE).
  • Explore historic houses
  • Enjoy Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center
  • Discover one of the largest Christian religious buildings in Asia-Santo Domingo Church.
  • Before exploring the nearby flea market, shop at the upscale Eastwood Mall.

4. Intramuros

Where to Stay in Manila
Where to Stay in Manila

Intramuros translates from Spanish to “inside the wall”. If you want to experience the history and culture of the ancient city of Manila while traveling, the Intramuros Historic District is for you. Historically, this part of the city was the center of Spanish colonial rule in the 16th century, so you can find relics from that period here, including the walls surrounding the area and Spanish monuments such as Fort Santiago.

When you hear Phillipinnos speaking, you will notice that many Spanish words rooted in the language still exist today.

Surrounded by Ermita, Pasig river and bay, Intramuros is small and full of interesting sights and activities, making it a great place for history lovers. But it’s also suitable for families. If you don’t have enough culture, crossing the river from Intramuros, you will find the oldest Chinatown in the world in the Binondo area.

Luxury Stay:

The Manila Hotel – This five-star hotel has easy access to the main attractions of Intramuros, and has a business center, spa, gym, outdoor swimming pool, and beach bar. The hotel has a swimming pool and several restaurants serving Chinese, French and other dishes. The hotel provides first-class mattresses and other convenient facilities to provide you with a comfortable stay, and is one of the best places to stay. Stay in town.

Middle Budget:

The Bayleaf – A high-class location within the city wall, with a rooftop bar and restaurant.

Budget Stay:

Casa Bocobo Hotel – A clean budget hotel with a coffee shop and business center on site.

Intramuros Attractions:

  • Visit the Spanish historic site Fort Santiago.
  • Visit the San Agustin Church, home of the UNESCO organization.
  • Explore the Neo-Romanesque masterpieces of Manila Cathedral.
  • Relax in San Diego Garden
  • Learn how wealthy people in the colonies lived in Manila’s homes in the Spanish style of the 19th century.
  • Visit the Governor’s Mansion
  • Explore the ancient tunnels of the Royal Gardens of Puerta

Where do tourist live in Manila?

Where to Stay in Manila
Where to Stay in Manila

Most tourists live in Makati because it is located at the western end of the city. In the area, you will find large chain hotels and shopping centers, as well as other attractions.

Everyone there should visit the capital Manila. But islands such as Cebu, Boracay and Palawan are the best places to stay in the Philippines.

What is Manila City Center?

Manila actually does not have a city center because it is so large that there are many small towns. Intramuros is an ancient capital, a walled city with a long history. Another option is Makati, which is a modern business center.

Should I live some nightlife in Manila?

Malate is an ideal place to stay if you want to spend happy hours, as the streets will become pedestrian areas at night, with a variety of bars and clubs to choose from. .

Airport Hotels

Besides Makati, Pasay is perhaps the best place to spend a day or two on a short layover in Manila. The Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (sophisticated), Conrad Manila (intermediate) or OYO 110 Asiatel Hotel (budget) are some of the best hotels near Ninoy Aquino International Airport.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when planning your stay in Manila. From Makati in the southeast of the city to Quezon City in the northeast of the city, the city is full of new and old attractions and landmarks. The Pearl of the Orient is not as crazy as you think!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope you like it, and my suggestions will be helpful to you. Be sure to book early, because Manila attracts millions of visitors every year and the best seats will be booked soon! If you have not yet decided to stay in Manila, here are my favorite options:

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