The Ultimate Tips to Finding Cheap Flights

Booking flight tips :

For most excursions, airfare is the most costly part of the trip. While costs for transoceanic flights have gone down in recent years, they can still put a sizeable mark in any travel budget. whether you’re a budget solo traveler or a family searching to vacation abroad, finding a cheap flight deal can be what makes or breaks your trip.

All things considered, if your flight is expensive, you’re probably keep putting the trip off. I’ve witnessed it consistently.

But consistently, airlines have a tons many of amazing deals — from mistakenly published fare to special promotions to cutting costs to compete with another airline. Cheap fares are out and they can make your fantasy trip a reality — if you realize where to look.

Today, I will help you master the art of finding a cheap flight. These are the specific the exact steps I’ve been following for a to get the cheapest airfare possible each time I fly. If you follow them as well, you’ll never be the individual on a flight who paid the most for their ticket!

Here’s how to find a cheap flight regardless where you want to go in the world:

1. Overlook the Myths

The main thing to know about finding a cheap flight is that there is no magic bullet or one secret ninja trick to doing as so. There are a ton of myths online about how to find cheap flights. In fact, you’ve most likely run over a ton of them on your search to find the best flight deal!

They are for the most part lies. They will lead you adrift.

Most websites hire terrible reporters who recycle normal and outdated myths. Here are the most well-known that are 100% not true:

  • It is not cheaper to purchase airfare on a Tuesday (or some other specific day that matter)

  • There is no proof that looking incognito leads to cheaper deals (though it won’t hurt to try)

  • There is no accurate date or specific time-frame in which to book your airfare

  • You can’t anticipate airline costs and websites that do are basically taking an informed (but probably wrong) guess

Airlines used advanced computer and pricing algorithms to decide costs and run deals dependent on the season, traveler interest, weather, major events/celebrations, season of day, competitor costs, fuel costs, and much more. Those supposed “tricks” don’t work anymore. The system is very smart. Throw them out. Let them die.

And don’t listen to anyone who tells you any case. Any individual who is telling you doesn’t know what they are talking about!

2. Be Flexible with Your Travel Times and Dates

Airline ticket costs vary greatly depending on the day of the week, season, and upcoming holidays, like Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July. August is a big month for going around Europe, and everybody wants to go somewhere warm in the winter or travel when the children are out of school.

More or less, if you are going to fly when everybody is flying, you’re ticket will cost more.

Attempt to be flexible with your dates. If you are dead-set on visiting Paris, go to Paris in the spring or fall when less people visit and airfares are cheaper.

However, if you want to go in August? You’re out of luck. Hawaii over Christmas? Best of luck! Costs will be at their highest.

The arrangement is to fly off-season. Search elective dates with the goal that you can gain by the best day. The more inflexible your plans, the less likely it will be that you discover a deal.

In addition, it’s quite often cheaper to fly during the center of the week than on a weekend because most people travel on the weekends and airlines hike their prices then. Costs are also cheaper if you fly after a major holiday as are early-morning or late-night flights are cheaper because less people want to travel then (who needs to awaken early?!).

In short, the difference of one day can mean many dollars in savings.

Airlines are not imbecilic. They know when a celebration, holiday, major sports event, or school split is coming up — and they raise prices also.

Be flexible with your dates and you’ll probably be able to save yourself some money.

3. Be Flexible with Destinations

If you can’t be flexible about when you fly, at any rate be flexible with where you fly. It’s ideal to be both, but if you truly want to save the most money and get a cheap flight for your trip, you at any rate should be flexible with one or the other.

Airline search engines have made it truly easy to search the whole world to find the cheapest ticket. You presently don’t need to search manually, city by city, step by step. Websites like Skyscanner, Momondo, and Google Flights all offer explore tools that permit you to place in your home airport and see a map of the world with all the flights on it. This permits you to easily compare multiple destinations without having to brainstorm every possible option. You’ll probably even find some interesting destinations you hadn’t even thought of either!

If you are flexible with where you want to go (i.e., anyplace yet home), use this device to sort out where to go:

Reality with regards to airfare is that there’s always a deal to some destination — it might just not be your first option. In any case, if you’re flexible about where you need to go, you’ll always get a deal and save a huge load of cash in the process.

when you are secured in one spot at one time, you are left with whatever price shows up. Nothing can change that. However, when you become flexible, suddenly the whole world opens up to you and you’ll find amazing cheap airfares!

4. Budget Carriers

A long time back, if you want to fly between continents, you were generally stuck with traditional expensive airlines. That is not, at this point valid. Budget airlines presently many long-haul routes, making it possible to fly around the world for almost low money.

Norwegian Airlines permits you to fly between Europe and Bangkok for just $250 each way.

AirAsia offers insane-cheap deals around Asia and Australia for under $100 USD each way.

Indian and Middle Eastern airlines offer cheap flights all throughout the subcontinent and Africa.

Nowadays, you can fly most of the way around the world on a careful budget airline. Certainly, they probably won’t be as comfortable and you may have to pay for premium upgrades like checked bags and meals, however they carry the world to your doorstep without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of the greatest budget airlines in the world:

Air Asia
Tiger Air
Jeju Air
Hong Kong Express
Peach Air
Spice Jet
Spring Airlines
Nok Air
T’Way Airlines
Cebu Pacific
Lion Air
VietJet Air
Flair Airlines
Air Canada Rouge
Air Transat

Norwegian Air
Wizz Air
United States
Allegiant Air
Spirit Airlines

New Zealand


(Pro tip: If you don’t know which budget airlines fly where, visit your flight airport’s website to get a list of airlines that fly there.)

Flying budget airlines is a good option to flying “the majors” whenever possible. You get less advantages, however you can save a bundle in price.

Just be sure to keep watch out for fees. That’s how they mak cash! Budget airlines regularly charge expenses for checked bags, carry-ons, printing your ticket, using a Visa card, and whatever else they can get away with. Be sure to include the cost of the ticket and the charges to make sure that the cost is lower than a larger carrier.

5. Don’t Always Fly to Direct

This not only helps in being flexible with dates and destinations but being flexible with the route you take is another way to get a cheap flight. For example, sometimes it is cheaper to fly to London and take a budget airline to Amsterdam to take a direct flight from your departure city to Amsterdam.

I did exactly that when I was going to Paris. The flight from the US was $ 800 USD, but I could fly to Dublin for $ 500 and get a $ 60 flight to Paris. This meant more flight time, but the $ 240 USD I saved was worth it for me.

To use this method, find out how much is to go directly to your destination. Then, open Google Flights and type in that destination continent to see prices for nearby airports. If the difference is more than $ 150 USD, I would like to see how much it is from the other airport to reach my primary destination (either by budget flight or train, if it is not too far).

If you book different segments, be sure to keep at least three hours between connections. If your second flight is waiting for you (you booked with a different airline, they do not care if they are late or not) that will delay you space.

Leaving a three-hour buffer will also cover you for an insurance claim because for most insurance companies you will have to delay at least 3 hours before making a claim.

This method is more useful because you have to find many different routes and check different airlines. But it can reduce the cost of your flight, which is worth the extra effort if you save a few hundred bucks.

Cheap Flights

6. Keep an Eye for Offer

Before you start looking for specific lights, make sure you have signed up for some newsletters. By joining the mailing list for airlines and last-minute deal websites, you will get the best deals there. Certainly, 99% is probably not worth your itinerary, but keeping your eye on the deals will not make you miss an amazing deal.

More often than not, cheap flights are just available for a limited window (usually 24 hours). If you don’t always open the web for sale, you probably won’t miss the best deals.

If I did not sign in to the flight deal websites, I would have missed out on a round-trip ticket to Japan for $ 700 USD (normally $ 1,500).

Additionally, airline newsletters often offer flyer bonuses. If you are a travel hacker, those points and miles can add up to free flights and awesome upgrades.

Apart from joining airline newsletters, the best websites to find travel deals are:

7. Not All Search Engines are Equal

To find the best Offer, you need to find many websites. Many major search sites do not list budget carriers or foreign carriers because they do not want to pay airlines booking commission. Others do not list booking sites that are not in English. And others still only display prices received directly from airlines.

So, not all flight search websites are created equal and all have their pros and cons.

Since there is no right airline search engine, you do not want to do some searching to compare. Even the best have their faults. Told that I have some favorites that I always start with because they consistently show the best results. For me, the best websites for finding cheap flights are the following:

  • Momento – This is my favorite website. They search for the most airlines and websites in the world and come back with cheap flights 92% of the time.

  • Google Flights – Great search engine that lets you to see prices for multiple destinations.

  • Skyscanner – The second best booking place out there that discovers as many palaces as Momondo. They have a great user interface (and a great apps for mobile)

Usually, I start all my searches with Skyscanner as it searches all major and budget airlines, non-English websites, English websites and everything in between. I have been using them since 2008 and they link to all the sites that work with them, with strict criteria. It is one of the most extensive booking sites, they have the lowest price 99% of the time, and this search engine belongs to all the other travel experts that I know they use as well.

So while others are good and should not be ignored, Momento should be your starting point.

8. Find Ticket Prices for Individual Travelers

If you are traveling with friends or family, do not search or shop for multiple tickets in a single purchase. Airlines always show the highest ticket price in a group of tickets, meaning you will pay more money.

For example, if you belong to a family of four and you are searching for four seats, the airline will get four seats simultaneously and your fare will be shown based on the highest ticket price. So if seats A are $ 200, seats B and C are $ 300, and seats D are $ 400, this would be the price of those tickets at $ 400 instead of adding different ticket prices. If the price difference is large, it turns into a large additional expense.

For that reason, always look for tickets as an individual. Later, in the checkout process, you can choose your seats so that you and your family are sitting together. And even if you are not different from each other, it is a good trade off for saving a few hundred dollars.

9. Search for Tickets in Other Currencies

If your country’s currency is currently stronger than others around the world, search for airfare in a country where the currency is weak.

For example, when the US dollar was strong and the New Zealand currency was weak, I got a one-way flight from Australia to NYC for $ 900 USD. However, when I find the New Zealand version of the airline, I found the same ticket for $ 500 USD.

It was the same airline, the same flight, and the same booking class – it was just booked in a different currency. This tip does not always work, but it often works well enough that it is worth something if your posture is currently doing well.

10. Book Before – However, Not Too Early

Airline fares will continue to approach your departure, but there is a sweet spot when airlines start reducing or increasing fares based on demand. Do not wait until the last second, but do not book in advance. The best time to book your flight is 6–8 weeks before your departure, or about three months if you are visiting your destination during your peak season.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule, so use it as a guide. At the end of the day, it costs a few hours and hours to save some reindeer that hunt as a prey to a deal. When you find an good price, book it. It may not have been the rock-fair you hoped for, but when the price inevitably goes up, it is better than paying!

Finding a cheap flight is all about being flexible and being creative. It may take some effort, but if you are willing to watch then the deals are out. Follow the tips above to get started, but don’t waste hours and hours for a cheap flight. If you are taking more than an hour to book a flight, then you are spending too much time.

Use the tips above on how to get a cheap flight to roll the ball. Do this, and you will always get a great deal!

Travel Insurance

The most important advice I can offer is to buy good travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you against illness, injury, theft and cancellations. This is full protection in the event of a problem. I never travel without it, as I have had to use it several times in the past. You can use the widget below to find the policy that’s right for you:

Search Your Cheap Flights Today

I start all my searches with Skyscanner as they search all major and budget airlines, non-English websites, English websites and everything in between. Even if you are not sure of your plans, it is best to start searching for flights today. The people who wait to book are the people who spend the most.

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