Where to Stay in Paris: Your Ultimate Hotel Travel Guide

Stay in Paris :

Paris is a destination that is on a great many people’s bucket list and rightly so, the city provides visitors for certain fantastic experiences that you won’t find anywhere else, and is a city where you’ll make certain to experience French culture direct. Paris is also a city that is handily visited for short city breaks, or more, making it the amazing travel guide of paris destination. Paris France

If you’re planning your first trip to this wonderful city, look no further. Here is your city travel guide in paris, including what to do, where to remain, getting around, and other supportive tips.

Best Attraction Places in Paris

Here are a portion of the highlights and things to see and do in Paris.

  • Eiffel Tower: Starting with the most clear activity in Paris, this 1063 foot high iron tower is popular around the world. whether you adventure up it, or simply enjoy starting from the ground it’s a must-see attraction.

  • Montmartre: Paris’ wonderful and romantic Montmartre. Visit here to enjoy art, see the cities skyline, or relax in a regular Parisian cafe.

  • Visit museums: Paris is immersed with fantastic museums, including the popular Louver housing the Mona Lisa. Others definitely worth visiting incorporate Petit Palais and Musée d’Orsay.

  • Notre-Dame de Paris: This gothic style cathedral built in the medieval is another must-visit landmark. You can set out inside toward free, or head up the towers to see the bells and enjoy views on the city.

  • Explore Paris’ best Instagram and photography spots: Paris is a fantasy for photographers with incredible areas all through the city. Make sure your batteries are charged and your memory cards empty and you’ll be sure to return with lots of wonderful pictures from your trip.

  • The Catacombs: A more frightening yet intriguing experience, the catacombs are below Paris and date back to the eighteenth century. They contain the skeleton survives of millions of Parisians. When visiting you’ll will wander through dark tunnels among the bones and find out about its history and why it was made.

  • Arc de Triomphe: Completed in 1836 the Arc de Triomphe is situated in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle (Place de l’étoile), the busiest traffic circle in the city which interfaces 12 roads. Visit to watch the consistent stream of traffic, or head up to the terrace to enjoy the urban skyline.
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Stay in Paris

Visits and Activities

To start booking visits and activities head to get your guide The following are a ideas of ideas to get you started.

Best Hotels in Paris

1. The Eiffel Tower : Where to Stay in Paris

Whether you want a luxury experience or are visiting on a careful budget, you’ll be sure to discover lots of options to suit all needs. Here are some top convenience options to consider during your visit.

Stay in Paris

Luxury Stay (190€ and up)

  • Hôtel Juliana Paris is a 5-star hotel and one of the best spot to stay in Paris for a luxury explorer if you want to be in perhaps the best area! It is situated in one of the best neighborhood in the heart of the city and close to the Eiffel Tower. It will just take you a 14-minute walk to get to the Eiffel Tower and a 17-minute walk to arrive at Rue de Champs-Élysées avenue. Certainly the best Paris hotel for your trip to Paris!

  • Prince de Galles is among one of the most costly hotels in Paris and a 4-star accommodation with great historical importance, found near the Eiffel Tower. You will value the amazing, Renaissance-enlivened style and the cool facilities of this hotel, including extensive rooms, flat screen TVs and a decent warmed inside yard. Look at the photos and you’ll understand!

Middle-Priced (140€ – 190€)

  • Hotel Résidence Montebello is a fantastic mid-range hotel in the best neighborhood in Paris! The Eiffel Tower is just 2.1 km away from the hotel and I think of it as an great spot to stay even if you are going with your family. During your visit, the staff will be very happy to help you and you will profit by private bathrooms, a pleasant seating and dining area and a kitchen – ideal for your Paris stay!

  • Le Pavillon Hotel is quite clean and outstanding amongst other 3-star hotels in Paris close to the Eiffel Tower! You might be a couple of moments from Paris’ main attraction – the Eiffel Tower, which is an incredible benefit. This is one of the top Paris facilities and it has a 24-hour reception and it’s it’s also well connected to all kinds of methods for transport. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Budget Stay (up to 150€)

  • Hotel de L’Empereur – Do you just have a limited budget plan for your accommodation in the city? Don’t worry about it! This one is among the great places to stay in the best neighborhood in Paris, perfect for your first visit! You will feel comfortable here! It’s near the Eiffel Tower and the rates are excellent, taking into account that you’ll be in the best area!

  • Hotel Royal Phare – Wondering where to stay in Paris in on of the best neighborhood regardless of whether you have a little budget plan? No concerns, this is a amazing place to stay nearby to the Eiffel Tower! It’s one of my top recommendations if you want a budget Hotel in Paris downtown area that offers a very good service and some quite awesome prices also.

2. Champs-Élysées : Where to Stay in Paris

Aside from shopping, this area is incredible in case you’re searching for upscale hotels, as you’ll discover a lot of those around the famous avenue. This arrondissement is situated on the correct banks of the Seine river and you’ll also discover a lot of stylish restaurants and posh cafes where you can taste an coffee and enjoy the view.

Some other celebrated and unmissable spots around this area incorporate Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Palace and Place de la Concorde, so make sure to add those to your schedule too! That being said, here is my selection of the best hotels in the eighth arrondissement for your stay:

Stay in Paris

Luxury Stay (170€ and up)

  • Hotel de Crillon – Are you searching for an incredible spot situated inside walking distance to rue Champs-Elysées that will offer you the most ideal time in Paris? All things considered, you just discovered it! Just check out the photos and incredible facilities at this place and get ready for the ultimate spoiled experience!

  • Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris – Here’s another excellent decision found right close to Rue Champs-Elysées! During your visit here you will actually want to enjoy free Wi-Fi, a tablet with Netflix access in each rooms, a gourmet bar, a terrace, a delicious breakfast and the sky is the limit from there. Just check out the description of this convenience in Paris, I’m certain you will like it!

middle-priced (130€ – 170€)

  • Best Western Plus Hotel Sydney Opera – This great 3-star hotel is found right in the heart of the area, near every one of the interesting attractions you should visit. It’s definitely great for two travelers and it awaits with continental breakfast, an on site bar and more!

  • Idol Hotel – In case you’re actually searching for your perfect middle priced hotel found near regret Champs-Elysées, this current one’s for you! This great hotel in Paris awaits with superb rooms, flat screen TVs, a mini bar in each room, a 24-hour front work area and more.

Budget Stay (up to 130€)

  • Ibis Styles Paris Gare Saint Lazare – Are you going to Paris on a tight budget plan yet need to be situated in one of the best areas ever? No concerns, this wonderful hotel found near Square des Batignolles and Parc Monceau has a great area and some amazing facilities!

  • Elysées Ceramic – If you’re searching for an great spot to have a comfortable night’s sleep near rue Champs-Elysées in Paris, you should look at this one. It offers a 3-star administration, nice views of Paris and a contemporary decor.

3. The Louvre : Where to Stay in Paris

Parisians call this neighborhood “Le chief”, signifying “the first”. As I clarified in the start of this article, the primary arrondissement of Paris is actually the center of the city, so if you want to be in the center of the city of affection, this should to be your decision.

This area, frequently called “Louver”, is one of the most oldest parts of Paris and is situated on the right bank of the Seine river. It is also one of the smallest neighborhood in Paris and the main attractions you will discover there are the Louver Museum and the Tuileries Gardens. If you are looking for the best place to stay in Paris near to everything, this is your locale!

Stay in Paris
The Louvre

Luxury Stay (190€ and up)

  • La Clef Louver is one of the best luxury hotels in Paris – a 5-star hotel found just 500 meters from the Louver museum. One of the best thing about this hotel is that it offers its visitors the airport get! The rooms are open and incredibly perfect, so you will feel like a queen/king during your visit in Paris.

  • Nolinski Paris – Are you on the search for an superb boutique hotel in Paris? This current one’s for you! It’s found right in central Paris and it’s very the best choice if you’re an art lover in Paris! Look at the photos, I’m sure you will like what you see! All visitors staying here will receive a world class service thanks to all the amazing facilities and amenities here, just as the expert staff!

Middle-Priced (140€ – 190€)

  • Le Relais Saint Honoré – Are you searching for an great mid-range hotel to stay where you feel like home? This present one’s for you! This wonderful place to stay is situated in on of the best neighborhood for your first visit to Paris! Try to book it for your upcoming trip to Paris, you will love it!

  • Hôtel Mansart – Esprit de France – In case you want to be in on of the best place to stay for your first time in Paris, near every one of the interesting attractions in the 1st arrondissement, then you should book a room at this hotel, it has great city views included! During your time here you can attempt the tasty breakfast in the dining room and you can use the free Wi-Fi!

Budget Stay (up to 140€)

  • Hôtel du Lion d’Or Louver – This is an great budget accommodation in the first Arrondissement of Paris. The hotel is too near the metro station and the Louver museum is just 5 minutes away. The rooms are clean and by and overall you will get all you will require for a good stay there.

  • Milestay – Halles – Here’s another excellent budget friendly accommodation if you’re looking to be in central Paris. It’s genuinely one of the best hotel in one of the best neighborhood out there and I suggest you get a booking, as the rooms get sold out quick. If you stay here, you will also enjoy free Wi-Fi, a completely prepared kitchen and then some.

4. Montmartre / 18th Arrondissement

Montmartre is one of the most popular and opulent outer districts of Paris. Montmartre is actually a 130-meter-high hill, one of the most famous landmarks in Paris – the white Sère-Cour-Cathedral. Montmarte used to be different from the city of Paris where many poor and talented artists lived, so the atmosphere of this region is a bit different! Many famous painters such as Pablo Picasso, Renoir, Edgar Degas, lived and worked in their studios at the end of the 19th century.

In fact, I lived in the area (near Moulin Rouge) for a long time and I can sincerely recommend it if you don’t mind taking the metro for the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. Paris is very well connected to the metro and you will reach any important place in no time! If you want to be above Paris, surrounded by narrow and charming streets filled with colorful houses, then this is the best neighborhood for you to live in Paris.

Stay in Paris

Luxury Stay (150€ and up)

Be You Luxury Apart’Hotel – Le Canard Dore is a distinctly beautiful luxury hotel in Paris, Montmartre, ideal for a group of four visiting Paris and the whole place is decorated with an amazing taste! I’m sure you will enjoy this flat screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen that will make you feel right at home!

Maison Souquet is a very stylish hotel close to Sacre-Coeur.This 5-star property in Montmartre will make you feel like a celebrity! If you stay here, you’ll get a glimpse of the true Parisian lifestyle in one of the city’s most beautiful neighborhoods. Each room is unique!

Middle-Budget (70€ – 150€)

Hotel Design Secret de Paris is a great hotel where you can enjoy a sauna! You can have a perfect stay in their studio, which has free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a cozy seating area!

Mom’Art Hotel & Spa is one of the best mid-priced hotels you can stay in this area of ​​Paris. This hotel is located in the heart of the neighborhood, just 400 meters from the Sacré Coeur and 950 meters from the Moulin Rouge.

Budget Stay (up to 70€)

Hôtel de Flore – Want to know where to stay in Paris on a budget in Montmartre? Don’t worry, I got you! This lovely three-star hotel offers you simple and comfortable rooms, first-class internet, a very good continental breakfast and much more. Check it out, I’m sure you will like it!

Le Village Montmartre by Hiphophostels – If you like a hotel that can enjoy very high prices and provide quality services at the same time, then this is for you! Living here also means that you will be close to many metro lines and buses, so during this time you can see other parts of Paris-great!

5. Le Marais / 3rd and 4th Arrondissement

Le Marais is a historic district and is probably my favorite district in Paris because of its incredible streets and beautiful buildings that keep the passing of time! It is known as the Jews of Paris. In my opinion, this is the best neighborhood to stay in Paris for a number of reasons.Le Marais is a great place to stay if you want to be surrounded by beautiful art galleries, amazing restaurants and shops. Designer One of the top attractions in the area is the Musée Picasso and Place des Vosges, and you’ll be close to Notre Dame Cathedral too!

Like many other famous areas in Paris, there is a huge demand for accommodation, so if you find something you like it, you should book as soon as possible, as prices keep going higher.Here’s my list of recommendations for Le Marais hotels:

Stay in Paris
Le Marais
Paris Tours

Luxury Stay (150€ and up)

Le Pavillon de la Reine & Spa – This is one of the best hotels in Paris if you want to stay in Le Marais. This is a beautiful 5-star luxury hotel with a fitness center, spa and many other incredible facilities that will turn your stay into a vacation addition, Place de la Bastille and home. Victor Hugo’s are just minutes from this hotel!

Hotel Dupond-Smith – Another awesome 5-star hotel that will make you feel like in a palace! This hotel has an incredible decor and amenities, and you’ll be pleased to know that Notre Dame Cathedral is just a 10-minute walk from the property!

Middle-Budget (100€ – 140€)

Turenne Le Marais – This is my first mid-price recommendation and a great hotel in Marais, Paris if you want to be surrounded by the real beauty of this neighborhood. The subway station is within walking distance and easy access to the city’s most important attractions. Close to the Notre Dame Cathedral as well!

Le Temple De Jeanne – If you are visiting Paris for the first time and you want to walk to the Notre Dame Basilica as well as the Picasso Museum and other great sights, this is the ideal hotel. For reservations! Just look at the pictures and you will see what I mean!

Budget Stay (up to 110€)

Paris France Hotel – Do you want to stay in cheap Paris while still being close to Notre Dame Cathedral? This is one of the best choices for low-cost accommodation! I also recommend it to backpackers and students who meet the City of Love for the first time, because you will be in a great place for sightseeing!

Hôtel Le Compostelle – This is another affordable place, close to all the attractions in the district, as well as Notre Dame de Paris! I definitely recommend you to get a good night’s sleep. Just check the pictures and prepare to book, because I’m sure you will like it!

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Luxury Stay – Pullman Paris Roissy Cdg Airport is one of the best luxury hotels near this Paris airport. You will benefit from free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and an amazing indoor spa with sauna and gym. In the morning you can have a delicious Parisian breakfast!

Middle-Budget – ibis Styles Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is a nice mid-range hotel near Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris where you can get a good night’s sleep. The rooms are clean and nicely decorated and breakfast is served from 4:30 AM!

Budget Stay – Roissy Chambres – This is a great option if you are looking for accommodation near Paris CDG that is very affordable! It’s a nice bed and breakfast less than 4.5 km away from this airport!

Orly Airport

Luxury Stay- L’Eden Spa Orly Aéroport is a beautiful luxury hotel located just 5 km from Orly Airport and offers an airport shuttle service at an additional cost. You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen and comfortable and clean rooms.

Middle-Budget – Novotel Paris Coeur d’Orly Airport is my recommendation for mid-priced. It’s just a 5-minute walk from Orly’s South Terminal, which is a great bonus. There is an on-site fitness center, an on-site bar, and free high-speed wireless Internet access.

Budget Stay- Novotel Paris Orly Rungis is an easily accessible budget accommodation located 3 minutes from the airport, offers airport shuttle services, private on-site parking, and comfortable, tidy rooms. For a good night’s sleep!

Travel Insurance

The most important advice I can offer is to buy good travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you against illness, injury, theft and cancellations. This is full protection in the event of a problem. I never travel without it, as I have had to use it several times in the past. You can use the widget below to find the policy that’s right for you:

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I have carefully picked hotel suggestions for each of these neighborhoods depending on your budget. From luxury to budget plan paris travel guide, I am sure that each sort of traveler will find something for his/her preference regarding this article.

If you want to read more about this fantastic city, here you can find all my articles about the beautiful city of Paris.

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